Baker & Owner Spotlight – Randi Smith at Sugar Euphoria

Sugar Euphoria is known for its fanciful wedding cakes, decadent macarons, flavorful cupcakes and other rotating sweets in their display case.  However, Randi Smith, owner and head baker, says they didn’t initially intend to have a retail section, but it came with the space she now owns.  Randi started Sugar Euphoria in 2014 and baked her cakes in a commissary kitchen.  The space ended up closing its doors in 2015 and Randi was in need of a new place to bake her goods.  Randi landed in Morrisville and opened up shop in September 2015.

Sugar Euphoria - Randi

Sugar Euphoria – Randi

Randi grew up in the Bahamas, baking with her family.  Randi recalls making countless guava duffs (a traditional Bahamian steamed dessert) throughout her childhood and can’t even think of eating one today.  Fast forward a few years to when Randi was working as a UNC researcher.  Randi started watching Cake Boss and felt the baking bug creep back up inside her.  It all came to a head when her mother-in-law needed a birthday cake.  Ripe for the challenge, Randi made the cake and it wasn’t long before friends and family were asking for more.

Randi expanded her knowledge within the field by attending a few Wilton classes to gain a foundation of cake decorating, but really evolved her repertoire once she took Erica OBrien’s cake decorating classes.  Randi gained confidence with her skills and decided she felt comfortable enough to start out on her own and establish Sugar Euphoria in 2014.  Randi began attending wedding expos and building up a clientele for herself.  She participated in style shots and leveraged social media to continue to increase her client base.  Randi also gained a slew of clients from word of mouth and referrals from current clients, too.  Sugar Euphoria was also gaining buzz in the wedding world, being included in several wedding publications and outlets.

Sugar Euphoria - Mixed Cupcakes

Sugar Euphoria – Mixed Cupcakes

Randi supports local as much as possible since all items in the bakery are scratch made.  They utilize Cottle Strawberry Nursery and Farms and Maple View Farms.  Randi says, “As you can imagine, we go through a large volume of ingredients here in the bakery.  It’s great to have access to such high quality, local product.”  Randi is also very aware and observant of dietary needs within her industry, too.  “We offer a variety of traditional and gluten free options.  We want to make sure everyone can enjoy a sweet treat, regardless of what their allergy or dietary restriction may be.”

Randi is grateful to have a space of her own for Sugar Euphoria, but says it can be challenging with their location.  Although they are located off the heavily traveled Chapel Hill Road, there are many town restrictions on signage, so not everyone knows they are a bakery open for business right next to a car shop.  However, this means a lot of people driving by end up stopping in when they see the lights on.  Randi says, “We get a fair amount of people who drive by and decide to come in.  Most people who know us think of Sugar Euphoria as being a wedding cake business.  Once they step through our doors to see the retail section, they are eager to take home any of the cupcakes, cookies or macarons we have on display.  They’re able to see we are a diverse bakery that can offer a variety of sweets.”

Randi is a soft spoken woman who is passionate about visually stunning, yet refined baked goods.  Her shop mirrors her style with crisp white walls accented with pink throughout the bakery.  Randi was more than ecstatic to put on a private cupcake decorating classes for our followers!  Head on over to our events page to partake in a traditional cupcake decorating class this coming Monday, September 5th.

Sugar Euphoria - Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sugar Euphoria – Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tessa Nguyen is a chef and registered dietitian working in the Triangle area. She is an alumna of Johnson & Wales University and Meredith College. When Tessa isn’t traveling and discovering new food spots, she teaches culinary nutrition cooking classes at Duke and works as a consultant in the health and wellness industry. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @ChefTessaRD.

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