Big C Waffles – Chicken and Waffles On Wheels

You cannot be a true southerner until you have tried the classic dish: Chicken and Waffles.  Although this dish seemed weird to me at first, (being from up north I have never seen or heard of chicken and waffles), it is a truly delicious pairing.  I first tried Big C Waffles at a neighborhood brunch event, and it is a perfect meal for someone looking for a no frills brunch with convenience.  Big C Waffles Food Truck was established in Durham in 2014 by Carl Richardson, known as Big C.  Inspired by his family’s recipes of southern food and drinks, Big C turned what he loved into a booming business.  After the passing of Big C’s father in 2013, Big C decided to pursue a career close to his heart in honor of his strong family connection.

Big C Waffle Truck

Big C Waffle Truck

The classic combo ($10) comes with three pieces of southern fried chicken and one waffle.  The waffle is not the traditional Belgium waffle that is a bit lighter, this is more of classic waffle.  The waffles come in various flavors, but their number one seller is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle, where cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese are all cooked into the waffle batter.  Since this is their best seller I decided to give this a try along with the Doughnut Waffle ($7), where small pieces of glazed donut are cooked into the waffle batter.

Chicken and Waffle Combo

Chicken and Waffle Combo

The fried chicken that comes with the combo are the legs and wings, and is exactly what you would expect it to be: juicy, crispy, and salty.  This made it an excellent pairing with the sweet doughy waffle.  However, a word of caution – pair this dish with multiple glasses of a beverage of your choice because the saltiness of the chicken will make you parched!  The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese waffle was by far my favorite.  I was able to taste each of the three ingredients quite well, and to my surprise they paired really well with the maple syrup.  Usually I don’t like mixing eggs and syrup but in this instance it turned out really well.  The doughnut waffle was interesting.  I could definitely taste some doughnut dough, but if no one told me there were doughnuts in this waffle, I would not even notice.  A neighbor of mine let me try their pecan waffle, and it honestly tasted as if there was a pecan pie in the waffle, making the pecan waffle my second favorite item on the menu.

In addition to their traveling food truck, Big C Waffles also has a kiosk at the UNC Dean Dome during games.  Overall, Big C Waffles is serving up some delicious stick to your ribs comfort food that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any meal for that matter.  If you are not familiar with the southern classic chicken and waffles, I seriously recommend you don’t miss out on this classic dish.

To find where Big C Waffles will be, check their schedule.

Big C Waffle Truck - Bacon Egg and Cheese Waffle

Big C Waffle Truck – Bacon Egg and Cheese Waffle

Morgan is a local Registered Dietitian and food lover.  She currently resides in Raleigh, NC and loves the Triangle food scene.  She was born and raised in New York, so she often looks for the comforts of home through delicious foods.  Since moving to the Triangle, she enjoys eating from the eclectic local food scene.  Whether it’s food trucks, hole-in-the-wall places, or fairs you’ll find her there with her partner in crime and fellow foodies, trying it all to tell you about it.

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