Dixon’s Dollops – Chocolate and Peanut Butter Perfection

Growing up, my parents didn’t keep a lot of peanut butter around the house – having a dad and big sister who are deathly allergic to peanuts can do that to a family.  Even still, mom usually kept a stash of peanut treats on the top shelf in the pantry.  Every once in awhile, mom and I, two barely five feet tall women, would drag the kitchen table chair over, climb up, and grab a peanut butter confection to share.  Those memories are what made me so excited to hear from Taryn Dixon, owner and founder of Dixon’s Dollops.

Dixon's Dollops - Taryn & Son

Dixon’s Dollops – Taryn & Son

Dixon’s Dollops is a local business founded in 2015 that sells and distributes all natural chocolate confections with peanut butter.  Taryn is a young woman who loves this delicious combination, and is also passionate about the success of her business.  A single mother, Taryn left her graduate program at NC State University to pursue this endeavor to support her son and to follow her dream of growing a business.  Since starting, she has experienced both the growing pains of being new to industry, but also the success of being a newcomer to a city that supports local businesses.

Dollops come in four varieties – Creamy, Salted Caramel, Crunchy Nuts, and Creamy Nutella.  On the day Taryn and I met, she had sold out of all of her dollops except for Creamy, which is exactly what I want to hear from the owner of a growing business!  The Creamy dollop I did get to try had a great semisweet chocolate that contrasted the natural sweetness of the peanut butter filling, which coated the tongue perfectly.  It was a delightful bite.

Dixon's Dollops

Dixon’s Dollops

I’m pretty sure my mom would’ve been all over the Crunchy Nuts dollop, which is similar to the Creamy dollop, but has chopped peanuts on top for that extra crunch.  The two other flavors also sound fantastic – the Salted Caramel dollop is a homemade salted caramel placed on top of crunchy peanut butter, then lovingly hand dipped in chocolate.  Actually, I’m sure all the dollops are lovingly hand dipped, but this one is their bestseller, so it’s got to have some extra pizzazz.  Last but not least, the Creamy Nutella dollop is Nutella placed on top of crunchy peanut butter and hand dipped in chocolate – perfect for post breakups, post gym, post waking up.

Dixon’s Dollops is primarily distributed door to door, at local events like First Night, and at local festivals.  They are also a wholesaler to local vendors, including Tin Roof Teas, NC Museum of History, NOFO At the Pig, and Greek Fiesta.  Taryn plans to continue to grow her market through wholesaling to local vendors so that she can open a brick and mortar shop.  Dixon’s Dollops may be young, but it is selling a beloved, classic combination that many crave, and it’s being made and sold by a woman with great ambition.  “If I asked you to think of a peanut butter and chocolate treat,” says Taryn, “You would think of a Reese’s, right? I want my dollops to become the new and better Reese’s.”

Dixon's Dollops - Salted Caramel

Dixon’s Dollops – Salted Caramel


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  1. As owner of Lauralee Gifts in Cary, I am also a retailer of Dixon’s Dollops. I confess that my husband and I take nearly a box a week home for ourselves. Once you eat one, and by eat, I mean I savor it, by taking 4 bites of each dollop. If you eat it all in one bite, it’s gone and you’re sad. So good it’s hard to share.

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