First Watch – A Great Bet for Breakfast or Brunch

I’ve been coming to First Watch for a little over a year now and have never once had a bad experience.  This is by far my favorite breakfast/brunch spot; the service is great, the coffee and food offer comforting, yet health conscious meals.   I often mull over the menu for a good 30 minutes before I make up my mind on what to order.  All of their options are good and flavorful, and there are some guilt free options as well.

First of all, I highly recommend trying their coffee.  They leave the entire pot at your table, so it’s always available and hot.  It also isn’t too acidic and has a good depth that accompanies a fantastic brunch (by the way, can you tell I LOVE coffee?).  They have a rotating seasonal menu that features fresh juices and new entrée options.  On the rotating menu for Spring I tried the Super Foods A.M. Bowl ($9.75) which features a coconut milk chia seed pudding, fruit preserves, house made granola, fruit, and almond buttered whole grain toast.  This meal was surprisingly light given the amount of fiber and carbohydrates that were in the entire meal, but it was certainly delicious.  The house made granola is excellent here.  They also make granola pancakes and can add it to pretty much every dish as well as sell you a bag to take home.  This was my first time trying chia seed pudding.  At first I thought it was going to have a weird texture, like tapioca pudding, but the pudding was surprisingly smooth for having a chia seed base.  The almond butter toast featured a light sprinkling of sea salt,which added a great flavor boost that complemented the almond butter nicely.

First Watch - Super Food Chia Pudding

First Watch – Super Food Chia Pudding

Out of all the delicious options, Chickichanga ($10.79) is one of the breakfast entrees they have.  This dish features whipped eggs with white-meat chicken, chorizo, green chilies, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, and avocado in a flour tortilla, topped with Vera Cruz sauce.  This is dish has such an eclectic flavor that you do not see often in brunch menu items.  The chicken blends perfectly with the sauce and eggs, while the two different cheeses and Vera Cruz sauce give this dish the flavor.  Since there is a lot of protein in this dish, don’t be surprised if you cannot finish it.  Personally I would swap the potatoes out for something a little lighter, like their salad greens or another side of fruit, because the potatoes along with the heaviness of the Chickichanga can fill you up quickly – unless you are up to the challenge!

First Watch - Chickichanga

First Watch – Chickichanga

The First Watch menu offers items that will appeal to everyone; those who are looking to be more health conscious and those who are looking indulge can find something that they will love.  I highly recommend this place when searching for a breakfast/brunch spot.  However, be prepared to wait during peak times during the weekend morning hours; but it is worth the wait!

Morgan is a local Registered Dietitian and food lover.  She currently resides in Raleigh, NC and loves the Triangle food scene.  She was born and raised in New York, so she often looks for the comforts of home through delicious foods.  Since moving to the Triangle, she enjoys eating from the eclectic local food scene.  Whether it’s food trucks, hole-in-the-wall places, or fairs you’ll find her there with her partner in crime and fellow foodies, trying it all to tell you about it.

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