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The folks at Jubala Coffee have opened up their second location.  This time they’re bringing their artfully prepared coffee and stellar eats to Hillsborough street right across from North Carolina State University.  Whether you’re a college student or a business professional, you rub elbows with all walks of life at this location.  Andrew Cash, founder of Jubala Coffee, hails from Raleigh and always had the dream of opening up a shop where people could enjoy coffee provided by dedicated farmers, roasters and baristas.

Jubala - Latte

Jubala – Latte

We kicked things off with an almond latte ($4) with syrup made in house using crushed almonds, cinnamon, and sugar.  A warm almond flavor came through nicely without any hint of extract.  The folks at Jubala use real almonds as opposed to almond extract which is typically used and has a bit of an artificial flavor to it.  Next we tried Jubala’s mocha ($4.75) which contains two shots of espresso Hologram, dark chocolate sauce, and Homeland Creamery whole milk.  This is no “fru-fru” Starbucks drink!  The mocha had a deep bittersweet chocolate flavor and lacked the sweetness you’ll often find in mochas at chain coffee shops.  Serious coffee drinkers and extra dark chocolate lovers will enjoy this drink.  The last of the drinks was the King Crimson tea.  If you enjoy fruity teas this one’s for you.

Jubala - Tea

Jubala – Tea

The first of the eats we tried was a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.  Normally when you order one of these at a restaurant or coffee shop the egg comes over hard and you don’t get any other options.  Jubala allows you to choose whether or not you want the yolk runny.  Like good southerners we went with runny yolk. The bacon was think and clearly high quality.  The egg was perfectly cooked as ordered and the biscuit had just the right mix of crunchy outside with soft fluffy inside.  Jubala’s biscuits are fairly unique in that they have a bit of a slight sweetness to them.  This was one of the best bacon egg and cheese biscuits I’ve ever had.  If biscuits are your jam and then it’s time to make music at Jubala.

Jubala - Biscuit Sandwich

Jubala – Biscuit Sandwich

Jubala offers a style of waffle called liege waffles.  A liege waffle is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle.  An adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked.  It is the most common type of waffle in Belgium.  At Jubala they offer cinnamon, blueberry, and banana Nutella.  We opted for banana without Nutella.  Each bite was crunchy and a bit sweet but not overly so, with bananas baked into the middle and the visible caramelized pearl sugar being responsible for the crunch.  If you like waffles these will rock your world.

Jubala - Liege

Jubala – Liege

Lastly we tried the pimento and bacon sandwich.  This sandwich comes loaded with pimento cheese, filled with just the right amount of bacon and a generous amount of wickles pickles.  The sandwich came with a side salad of arugula topped with balsamic.  The sandwich was a thing of beauty.  Savory creamy cheese rivaled salty fatty bacon which met sweet and vinegary pickle which perfectly cut through the fattiness.  The arugula salad was the perfect bitter contrast to the sandwich.

If you’re looking for a killer cup of coffee, a nice spot of tea, or amazing lunch at a good price with a gourmet feel then Jubala should probably be your go to spot.
Jubala - Pimento Sandwich

Jubala – Pimento Sandwich

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