Juice Vibes- Where All The Vibes Are Good Vibes

Juice Vibes
1369 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary, NC 27511

Juice Vibes, Cary

A lot of us have new year resolutions. Even more of us have already failed them. Juice Vibes makes me feel like I haven’t been as bad. Their newest location in Cary has an open and welcoming atmosphere for anyone. They also have locations in Clayton and Greenville. Their menus vary slightly by location but you can still find whatever you are looking for. Juice Vibes has everything including: smoothies, fresh juices, salads, and even kombucha on tap. It’s a very relaxed environment, I promise you won’t feel like an outsider. I love going there when I feel like I need a pick me up, honestly, a fresh smoothie has become my comfort food.

When you walk in the menu is to your left. There is plenty of space for people who don’t know what to order can check it out. The menu is on cool chalkboards and it lists out all the ingredients in each menu item. Their juices and smoothies are all listed – which you can order in a 16oz or a 24oz version.  There is also a munchies menu and sometimes they have some already prepared in their “Goodness To-Go section.”

Juice Vibes- Juice Menu

Once you’ve chosen what you’re going to get you can go up to the register, order, and then hang out at the bar or at the tables. Don’t forget to add some protein to your smoothie! Some of my recommendations are below. Fair warning, I’m a little biased towards the smoothies and vegan chili (contains mushrooms). All 16oz smoothies are $7.25 and 24oz smoothies are $8.25. Add-ins like protein are a dollar more. I always get the 24oz smoothies because that gets me a stamp on my rewards card, don’t forget to ask for one!

Juice Vibes- Beet It

Juice Vibes- Golden Lion

Juice Vibes- Pitaya Power

Juice Vibes- Vegan Chili

While hanging out at the bar you might want to try some of the kombucha on tap. Kombucha is known for aiding digestion and gut health. It’s almost like a sour club soda. If you’re feeling adventurous go ahead and order some! Or you can order one of the shooters. They have a couple of options in 1oz ($2.50) or 2oz ($5) versions. My go-to is the Dr. Feel Good. This shooter has ginger, raw honey, and lemon. Makes me feel a little extra healthy.

Juice Vibes- Dr. Feel Good Shooter

Overall, Juice Vibes is a cool place to hang out, talk, and even do some work. There is free WIFI and no rush to leave. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the owner is usually in the shop. I compare it to a healthier coffee shop. Juice Vibes is a great place to go when you are already on your health kick or even when you’re about to start. They offer great juice cleanses which are about $50 a day. Totally worth it if you’ve been eating too many cookies and looking for a way to jumpstart your health kick again. Juice Vibes – Cary also offers local classes to talk about health and incorporating more veggies into your diet. Check them out at www.juicevibes.com or @juicevibes_cary on Instagram.

Juice Vibes- Level 2 Cleanse

Tatiana Amador is a native North Carolinian with Honduran roots. While attending Campbell University she found a passion for exploring new restaurants. Since her recent move to Raleigh her free time is either spent walking the trails at NCMA or taking pictures of her food during brunch. You can follow her story on Instagram @timewithtati or www.timewithtati.wordpress.com

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