Pam’s Farmhouse Restaurant – Southern Homecooking Done Right

Heading down Western Boulevard, it can be easy to pass on by Pam’s Farmhouse because of its inconspicuous storefront.  Despite this, it has become a Raleigh go-to for a good ole Southern meal.  Pam Medlin has been both owner and operator of this successful locale for years.  Despite modern changes, Pam’s still runs on a cash or check only policy.  This hasn’t stopped many local triangle folks or even those traveling through from keeping this place packed year round.

Pam's Farmhouse - Egg Combo

Pam’s Farmhouse – Egg Combo

In case you weren’t familiar with Southern hospitality, Pam’s showcases this to a T.  My server, Becky, was as pleasantly sweet as the tea they serve in mason jars.  She was super helpful in navigating the menus and suggesting not only her personal favorites, but the most popular items, too.  Her recommendations did not disappoint.

Breakfast is simple, straight forward and perfectly executed in this unassuming joint.  The One Egg with Link Sausage ($5.25), grits, red eye gravy, and biscuit packs a punch in every bite.  The homemade sausage links are huge, seasoned just right and cooked until crisp, yet so juicy inside.  The red eye gravy is the absolute best and you must opt for this over just plain grits.  You will not be disappointed and no judgment will be passed when you decide to drink it directly from the cup.

Pam's Farmhouse - BBQ Chicken

Pam’s Farmhouse – BBQ Chicken

Every Southern place has some version of chicken they’re known for, and Pam’s is no exception.  Their Bar-B-Que Chicken with hot sauce ($6.75 or $7.25 for white meat), biscuit, butter, and two sides (fried okra and collards) is what their lunch crowd drives from miles around to nosh on.  Their barbeque sauce is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and it is lip smacking good.  This sweet tomato-based sauce is spiked with just enough jalapeño and black pepper to round it all out.  The Hamburger Steak with onion gravy ($6.75), biscuit, butter, creamed potatoes and gravy, butter beans and corn is another Pam’s Farmhouse favorite.  Rightfully so, this combo is the exact meal you would expect and yearn for from your grandmother’s kitchen.  The added bonus to ordering these two entrées to go is the extra hushpuppies thrown in to enjoy alongside the biscuits.  You can never have enough carbs when they taste this good.

Pam's Farmhouse - Hamburger Steak

Pam’s Farmhouse – Hamburger Steak

After a hearty breakfast and full lunch options, ordering the Banana Puddin ($1.40) is enough to put a bear away for the winter.  It wasn’t hard to decide whether or not to order this tasty dessert when Becky said they had just pulled a fresh batch from the oven.  Although banana pudding is not the prettiest of desserts, Pam’s Farmhouse’s version is the best from every style of banana pudding I’ve ever had.  The cakey wafer bottom, sweet and creamy bananas with vanilla pudding and the dollop of meringue on top seal the deal on this Southern staple.  If you didn’t save room for dessert, order it to go so you can relive the Southern goodness from Pam’s Farmhouse at a later hour.

Rather than sleep in, skip the snooze button and get to Pam’s Farmhouse early to make sure you can partake in all the breakfast goodies they offer.  From the house made sausage links, scratch made biscuits, luscious red eye gravy and perfectly cooked eggs, there’s something to please everyone.  Pam’s Farmhouse has solid lunch options, but breakfast is the real standout here.

Pam's Farmhouse - Banana Puddin

Pam’s Farmhouse – Banana Puddin

Address:  5111 Western Boulevard, Raleigh, NC 27606


Tessa Nguyen is a chef and registered dietitian working in the Triangle area. She is an alumna of Johnson & Wales University and Meredith College. When Tessa isn’t traveling and discovering new food spots, she teaches culinary nutrition cooking classes at Duke and works as a consultant in the health and wellness industry. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @ChefTessaRD.

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  1. There is nothing quite like a good southern restaurant that has a nice touch of southern hospitality to go with it. Pam’s showcases restaurant sounds like it’s one of those unique places to eat that just makes everyone feel like they are at home. I’m grateful for these services and all that they do make food good and bring culture alive.

  2. You really hit it on the head, Jorge! They are a Southern fixture in this area and deserve the status that comes with it.

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