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Jose and Sons – Southern-Mexican Fusion You Have To Try

After one of my friends told me about Jose and Sons, a Southern-Mexican fusion restaurant in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, I casually stalked them on Instagram and immediately developed a foodie crush on their chicharron and waffle dish. I vowed to consume this meal sometime during my graduate career, and this past weekend, I made the trek from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to fulfill my promise.


Juice Vibes- Where All The Vibes Are Good Vibes

Juice Vibes is a cool place to hang out, talk, and even do some work. There is free WIFI and no rush to leave. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the owner is usually in the shop. I compare it to a healthier coffee shop. Juice Vibes is a great place to go when you are already on your health kick or even when you’re about to start.