Jose and Sons – Southern-Mexican Fusion You Have To Try

After one of my friends told me about Jose and Sons, a Southern-Mexican fusion restaurant in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, I casually stalked them on Instagram and immediately developed a foodie crush on their chicharron and waffle dish. I vowed to consume this meal sometime during my graduate career, and this past weekend, I made the trek from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to fulfill my promise.

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Leveled Up Tacos at NanaTaco

Owned by the Nana’s family of restaurants (Nana’s, Nanasteak), Nanataco is a departure from the fine dining of its relatives into the accessible and wildly successful fast-casual business model. In its airy “garage-turned-dining-room,” diners can chow down on Mexican-American staples that are a bit more thoughtful than the competition’s without deviating wildly from the price point that they are used to.