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Tazza Kitchen is like that perfect sweater you have.  It’s a staple, your go-to when nothing else will do.  It’s comfortable, stylish, and never disappoints.  Settled in the corner of Cameron Village, Tazza Kitchen serves southern-Italian and Baja California inspired cuisine with locally-sourced produce and ingredients.  Between pizza and tacos, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Tazza - Menu

Tazza – Menu

Tazza Kitchen first opened its doors in 2013 in Short Pump, VA.  They currently have 5 locations throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.  What makes Tazza different is their connection to the local farm community and seasonally inspired menus.  It makes each location unique in its own right.

Going to dinner on a Friday night without reservations will certainly pose a wait.  We chose to sit at the bar and enjoy some craft cocktails to pass the time.  We all went with the Pillow Talk cocktail ($8.50) – a refreshing mix of Vodka, Gin, lemon, and cucumber.  What really sticks out at Tazza Kitchen is the effort they put into each of their menu items.  I find it really impressive when a restaurant trains their bar staff to hand crush ice.  It shows the importance of detail and attention.

Tazza - Drink

Tazza – Drink

While waiting for our table we ordered a fantastic appetizer, cast iron goat cheese ($7.50).  It is a delicious blend of locally-sourced goat cheese and marinara melted together into gooey creamy goodness, served with brick oven bread for dipping.  The wood-fired bread gives a distinct smoky flavor that really adds to the dish.

When you look at a menu and see the words crispy potato and salad together you assume that you’re in for a mayonnaise covered side dish that your great aunt made for the family reunion.  Well, Tazza Kitchen has taken that idea and flipped it upside down.  The crispy potato salad ($8.50) is quite literally, a salad with crunchy potatoes on top.  It comes on top of arugula and also features smoked mozzarella and toasted almonds.  What really ties the salad together is the maple vinaigrette; it adds a sweet element that balances it all out.

Tazza - Chicken Tacos

Tazza – Chicken Tacos

Another crowd favorite are Tazza Kitchen’s pizzas.  Usually, I opt for the Spicy Sausage and Black Pepper Honey pizza ($12.50).  It is fantastic and unlike anything I’ve had elsewhere.  This time, I opted for the White Pizza ($12.50).  I love the smoky flavor in the crust.  All of these cheeses blended together nicely.

The final dish we had for the evening was the chicken tacos ($10).  The chicken is finished with a five-spice rub, smoky tomato jam, pequin slaw, pico de gallo, and crema.  These are great tacos.  All of the ingredients blend together well to make a good hearty dish.  I would also recommend the fish tacos!  It came with a side so we went with the green rice and unfortunately, it was lacking in flavor.

Tazza - White Pizza

Tazza – White Pizza

During our time at Tazza Kitchen we received wonderful service in a stylish, laid back restaurant.  Tazza Kitchen is a great spot to meet with friends and family where there is something for everyone!

Tazza - Cast Iron Goat Cheese

Tazza – Cast Iron Goat Cheese


Address:  432 Woodburn Rd, Raleigh, NC 27605
(919) 835-9463

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