Videri Chocolate Factory – A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

Like anyone with a sweet tooth, I can’t pass up a good chocolate factory.  After a quick lunch at Jose and Son’s around the corner we couldn’t resist stopping in at Videri Chocolate Factory.  In business just three years, Videri offers Triangle area folks a chance to take a quick self-guided factory tour, enjoy a sip of coffee or tea, and bite into the bittersweet joy of a bar of dark chocolate.

Videri Chocolate Factory - Chocolates

Videri Chocolate Factory – Chocolates

On our visit we tried different 5 kinds of chocolate.  The first flavor we tried was coffee.  This one was very straightforward with simple dark chocolate and a basic coffee flavor coming through.  Even if you’re a coffee lover you may want to skip it in favor of one of the more adventurous flavors.  If you’re dying for coffee grab a cup from Vidieri’s in house coffee shop.

Videri Chocolate Factory - Coffee Counter

Videri Chocolate Factory – Coffee Counter

Next up was the white chocolate ganache covered in a dark chocolate shell.  This chocolate nicely balances sweet and bitter flavors and will be thoroughly enjoyable even for those who aren’t huge white chocolate fans.  For the hardcore white chocolate fans like myself it might be a bit disappointing since it’s not quite sweet enough to satisfy those with the sweetest of sweet tooths.  Honey and caramel was next.  This one was nice, light, and sweet.  Sometimes when honey is paired with caramel you get a lot of caramel and miss the honey taste.  This one was well balanced and the honey flavor really shone through.  As a die hard root beer lover I was most excited to try the root beer chocolate.  Unfortunately for me it was a huge let down.  The root beer flavored ganache just didn’t taste like root beer.  It tasted like a cross between cherry and chocolate ganache and lacked the pronounced sweetness that true root beer lovers expect.  Last was the mint julep chocolate.  This chocolate explodes in your mouth with the taste of a mint julep drink and is thoroughly satisfying.  Mint julep fans, don’t miss it!  When picking out your chocolate, keep in mind that each piece of chocolate runs $2.75.  You can run up a bill pretty quick.

Videri Chocolate Factory - Decisions, Decisions

Videri Chocolate Factory – Decisions, Decisions

With most chocolates on offer containing 70% cacao and even 90% cacao chocolate available; the slightly sweet and bitter flavor dark chocolate is known for really comes through beautifully in the chocolates they create.  Dark chocolate lovers will love Videri Chocolate factory.  If you have a real sweet tooth and lean toward milk or white chocolate you might find yourself wishing they had just one or two milk or white chocolates on offer.  All in all, Videri is worth the trip for a simple slightly sweet and bitter bite of chocolatey goodness.


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