Classy, Casual French Brunch at Vin Rouge

Vin Rouge- Omelette

My best friend was in town a few weeks ago and we were looking for somewhere cute and fun to go for brunch before she headed back home. I live close to 9th Street in Durham, so I decided that we should get some coffee out there and then think about where to go. We exited Triangle Coffee House and walked for a bit before noticing Vin Rouge. When we stepped inside to put our names down, the first thing I noticed was how cozy yet chic everything looked on the inside. There were photographs everywhere and it reminded me of a parlor for entertaining guests in a home I wish I owned. There was a bit of a wait (to be expected around brunch time on Sunday morning), so I gave my phone number to the hostess who said I would receive a text message when the table was ready. My friend and I left to go do some shopping at the stores nearby. After a while I noticed that the estimated wait time had already passed, so I figured we should go back to the restaurant and make sure everything was okay. The hostess explained that something had gone wrong with saving my phone number, but the table was ready and we were seated immediately.

We were given a two top in the corner by the window and bread and water was brought out right away. My friend ordered some mint tea and I ordered a latte to enjoy while we looked over the menu. The waiter was very helpful when going over the specials, but we both ordered regular menu items. My friend went with the scrambled eggs ($10.95) which has smoked salmon, shallots, and capers and is served with French fries and a side salad. I ordered the ham and gruyere omelette ($10.95) which also comes with French fries and a side salad. My friend let me try her eggs, and although I’m not the biggest fan of smoked salmon or capers, even I could agree that it was pretty good. My omelette was outstanding, with the perfect amount of ham and cheese folded into the fluffy egg mixture. The fries were light and crispy, adding a good balance to the dish. I’m always on board with simple, fresh salads, and this one was no exception. The vinaigrette was super tasty and the salad rounded out the rest of the meal as the perfect complement.

Vin Rouge- Scrambled Eggs with Salmon

Vin Rouge was a great spot to go to for Sunday brunch, and I can also see myself enjoying it for a date night any other day of the week. The space is warm and inviting, and they also have plentiful outdoor seating during the summer months as well. My friend and I were treated to great service and we would both highly recommend.

Vin Rouge- Latte


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