The Wandering Moose – Mouthwatering Meats From a Food Truck

The abundance of food trucks in the Triangle area is plentiful and the demand is only growing.  These delicious meals-on-wheels options are great because they serve up quality food fast, which is perfect during the lunch rush or after hours post bar-hopping.  Our new Food On The Move Directory will feature a new food truck each time so you can get a feel for all cuisines available here in the Triangle in a mobile format!  We will include just enough information on each food truck to give you a “quick bite” that we hope will inspire you to track them down and try their food for yourself.  First up is The Wandering Moose…

The Wandering Moose (Photo courtesy of The Wandering Moose)

The Wandering Moose (Photo courtesy of The Wandering Moose)

Who runs the truck?

Longtime friends Anthony Reid and Matt Lundgren opened up The Wandering Moose food truck in April 2015.  These buds worked in restaurants and food service establishment for years, but always dreamed of stepping out to start something of their own.  When the opportunity to start the food truck came along, they both leaped to get the wheels rolling on their culinary endeavors.  Anthony hails from Canada and Matt is originally from New York, both having a passion for quality cured and smoked meats.

What dishes are they serving up?

This dynamic duo and their team cure their own meats to serve up a diverse selection of hearty favorites including Montreal Style meats that are brined then smoked, Brined Jerk Chicken, Smokey Bacon Mac N Cheese and even homemade Southwest Veggie Burgers.  Anthony and Matt say the variety of menu options have been great because they can please an array of palates.  The quality of the smoked meats should not be understated here.  Very few restaurants are curing their own meats, let alone a food truck!  Matt states, “Our customers understand the time and effort we put into making quality products and can taste the difference.”

The Wandering Moose - Chicken Club Sandwich

The Wandering Moose – Chicken Club Sandwich

When can I eat their amazing food?

The Wandering Moose runs around the Triangle with a regular lunch rotation available on their website. They are also available to cater private events. Despite being mobile, the guys say there are a group of regulars who will follow them no matter where they’ve serving up lunch!

Where can I find their truck?

The Wandering Moose has their schedule updated regularly on their website.  They can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why did you choose The Wandering Moose?

The name in and of itself is a little mysterious, which is what the men were aiming for.  Anthony says, “We’re both from the north, so the moose represents us in a way.  The wandering is for us literally being on wheels traveling around the Triangle serving up our food.”  These two entrepreneurs are just over a year into the food truck business, but have their eyes set on the future.  With the hopes of eventually opening a brick and mortar location, both men are working hard now to develop The Wandering Moose’s reputation and establish themselves as food pioneers here in the Triangle.

Spoiler alert:

The lusciously rich mac and cheese features house cured and smoked bacon bits that are more like bacon bites of heaven.

The Wandering Moose - Smokey Bacon Mac N Cheese

The Wandering Moose – Smokey Bacon Mac N Cheese


NoteFrom time to time we’re invited out to try a restaurant or to taste new menu items. This meal is usually comped, as this one was. We’re under no obligation to write a positive review or any review at all when we’re invited out to try a place.  Every review you see on our site will be an honest review of the place whether or not the restaurant provided us with the meal at their cost.

Tessa Nguyen is a chef and registered dietitian working in the Triangle area. She is an alumna of Johnson & Wales University and Meredith College. When Tessa isn’t traveling and discovering new food spots, she teaches culinary nutrition cooking classes at Duke and works as a consultant in the health and wellness industry. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @ChefTessaRD.


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